DIY: Justin Timberlake Graphic Organizer Writing Charts


20140516-205341.jpgSo I am a bit of a Justin Timberlake fan. But let’s be honest, who isn’t? I just let my JT flag fly a little higher than the rest. 🙂

Justin is just an EXAMPLE of how you can pick a fun topic to you (the adult with your own adult interest that can be appropriate for school). Just a little personal present to yourself when you give, give, give all day. You like knitting? You like photography? You like male ice dancing?

 The Justin Timberlaking Incident of May 2014

My reputation for being a 29 year old teenybopper made me the perfect target for a Justin Timberlake bombing. On the afternoon of a rather crumby day, a sneaky coworker of mine JT bombed my classroom.

JT 2

 jt 4 jt 5

I was able to get a 5th grade detective on the case. Plenty of suspects, including Justin Timberlake himself.

JT suspectsWhen the detective had to take a hiatus from the case due to an illness, the JT bomber struck again! This time with color pictures. Oh, the detail!

photo 4 photo 5 photo 3-2

 And there was even this naughty little one.

jt 6


While I have an idea who is responsible, no one has confessed.




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