Secondhand Store Score: Scrabble Slam Card Game

Learning Games, Secondhand Store Score

20140520-200901.jpgRetail Value: $6.99

SSS Cost: $0.99

Quality: 8/10 Used but good condition

Uses: Race to build 4 letter words. A little complex for my kids, would be a good middle school game or for kids with a stronger mastery of 4 letter words.


Secondhand Store Score: Connect Four Game

Learning Games, Secondhand Store Score

20140520-200459.jpgRetail Value: $14.99

SSS Cost: $1.00

Quality: 7/10 Used but good

Uses: Connect Four is one of those games that can be adapted for a lot of learning activities. I’ve played Sight Word Connect Four. Write sight words on white sticky tabs (like the ones you put on items at garage sales), students must read the word before playing, trying to get four in a row.

Secondhand Store Score: Backseat Drawing Game

Learning Games, Secondhand Store Score

20140520-194710.jpgRetail Value: $17.99

SSS Cost: $0.98

Quality: 10/10 Brand new, still in wrapper.

Uses: Mainly a break game, but does promote oral and listening communication skills. Player has to give oral directions to their partner of what to draw in simple directions, without the player knowing what he or she is drawing.