Secondhand Store Score: Scattagories Jr.

Secondhand Store Score

20140520-195628.jpgRetail Value: $19.99

SSS Cost: $1.99

Quality: 7/10 Used, but good quality

Uses: Mainly a break game.



Secondhand Store Score: Backseat Drawing Game

Learning Games, Secondhand Store Score

20140520-194710.jpgRetail Value: $17.99

SSS Cost: $0.98

Quality: 10/10 Brand new, still in wrapper.

Uses: Mainly a break game, but does promote oral and listening communication skills. Player has to give oral directions to their partner of what to draw in simple directions, without the player knowing what he or she is drawing.


Secondhand Store Score: Tugger War Game

Fun Finds, Secondhand Store Score

20140520-194341.jpgRetail Value: Unknown

SSS Cost: $2.99

Quality: 7/10 Used and scuffed but totally works.

Uses: This is such a surprise hit. I have several kids who love this game. It’s great for an active break time activity. It’s basically tug-a-way on wobbly platforms.


20140520-194424.jpgI started off pretended to lose to the kids and soon realized, I didn’t need to pretend. They beat me every time!