DIY: Otter Pop Box Figurine Home



My husband and I rented a boring Red Box movie this weekend, so my crafting side took over. I may have made this little cozy home out of weekend boredom, but it turned out pretty cool. Plus, it’s almost summer, which in my house is called Otter Pop season, the only time we can justifiably pop the pops like no ones business. The box is good sized and sturdy, just calling to be used in the classroom.


1 Empty Otter Box (which means you will have to do something with those pesky pops…like eat them 🙂 )

*Make sure to only open the box half on the top for this use, but if you have it all the way open, it’s still good as a container of sorts.

Contact paper or colored paper of your choice

White paper to draw windows, doors, decor

Scissors, tape, glue

Markers (I used Copics)


Cover box with contact paper

Design extras and place them accordingly.

Be creative! You’ll make one hip home for figurines, fidgets, tools, YOU NAME IT!


20140523-233349-84829243.jpg  20140523-233350-84830632.jpg20140523-233351-84831389.jpg  20140523-233352-84832020.jpg





Secondhand Store Score: Mini Dry Erase Board and Chalk

Secondhand Store Score

20140519-190528.jpgRetail Value: Unknown

SSS Cost: $2.00

Quality: 5/10 I really was hesitant because it’s missing a crucial bolt that I though I could easily replace. It turned out not to be that easy to replace so I have just shimmied the board into the bottom.

Uses: Kids like to use it, so I am glad I purchased it. They mainly use the dry erase board. 20140519-190538.jpg

DIY: Kaboom Sticks

DIY, Learning Games, Under Two Bucks

20140519-190210.jpgThere are SO many uses for popsicle sticks. I have been using it for a game I learned from another teacher I work with called Kaboom. I wrote the 220 Dolch sight words on the sticks, grouped by level (pre-primer, primer, K, 1, 2, 3) Add at least 10 or so Kaboom sticks into the mix. Students choose the sticks from the opposite end the word is written on (so they cannot see the words) and must read the word to collect it. If they can’t read it, they must return to the container. If they pick a Kaboom stick, they have to give up all of their sticks. Kaboom!


Popsicle sticks (many many)



Secondhand Store Score: Vintage Games

Learning Games, Secondhand Store Score



Retail Value: $39.99-$75.99

SSS Cost: $1.99-$3.99

Quality: 6/10 (used, but most pieces included)

Uses: Full disclosure, I didn’t buy these. But after seeing MasterMind is valued at $72 bucks, I might. I just can’t rationalize buying vintage board games for the classroom when I know it wouldn’t be treated with the white gloved touch they so require.

20140518-151353.jpg    20140518-151405.jpg     20140518-151344.jpg