Secondhand Store Score: Fairy Tale Castle Floor Puzzle

Secondhand Store Score


Retail Value: $12.99
SSS Cost: $1.49
Quality: 9/10 used but I’m great condition
Uses: Break time choice. Kids love floor puzzles.


Retail Value: $12.99
SSS Cost: $1.49
Quality: 9/10 used but I’m great condition
Uses: Break time choice


Secondhand Store Score: Connect Four Game

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20140520-200459.jpgRetail Value: $14.99

SSS Cost: $1.00

Quality: 7/10 Used but good

Uses: Connect Four is one of those games that can be adapted for a lot of learning activities. I’ve played Sight Word Connect Four. Write sight words on white sticky tabs (like the ones you put on items at garage sales), students must read the word before playing, trying to get four in a row.

Under Two Bucks: Solar Powered Hawaiian Dancer

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20140519-191537.jpgThis adorable little spur of the moment grab at DollarTree has totally paid itself over. It is solar powered so she just dances all day. Kids love to watch her. They will cover the panel with a finger and try to get her to stop. Fun little pick up. Her dress comes in many colors.