Secondhand Store Score: Multiplication Flashcards

Flashcards, Secondhand Store Score

20140520-193716.jpgRetail Value: $6.99

SSS Cost: $0.98

Quality: 8/10

Uses: Practice multiplication skills



Secondhand Store Score: Three Corner Flashcards: Multiplication and Division

Secondhand Store Score

20140519-191919.jpgRetail Value: $6.25

SSS Cost: $0.99

Quality: 10/10 Brand spanking new! In wrapper and all.

Uses: Review multiplication and division facts. Just cover up one corner and have student identify it based on whats there.

Secondhand Store Score: Math War: Multiplication

Flashcards, Learning Games, Secondhand Store Score

20140519-191722.jpgRetail Value: $3.49

SSS Cost: $0.50

Quality: 8/10 Torn box, but tape fixed that!

Uses: Math facts. Really popular game with the kids. I let them use their multiplication tables at first and slowly ween them off of use. If they need to check the table, I make them do jumping jacks for every peek.


Secondhand Store Score: Math War: Addition and Subtraction

Flashcards, Secondhand Store Score

20140519-191620.jpgRetail Value: $3.49

SSS Cost: $0.50

Quality: 8/10 (torn box)

Uses: Really popular game. Practices both addition and subtraction and greater than less than facts. The kids will choose to play this for break. Anyway you can get them to like math.