Secondhand Store Score: Pogs!

Secondhand Store Score

20140524-162554.jpgRetail Value: Priceless. Just kidding. Back in the mid 90’s it was around $0.50 per pog and $3.00 for a slammer

SSS Cost: $3.99

Quality: 7/10 Some not as nice as others. For the most part, they are in good condition.

Uses: There once was a time this childhood gem could be found around any playground at recess, kids huddled up in circles, slamming pogs and running underground betting rings. I will teach the youth the pog lifestyle that is named after the delicious Hawaiian drink of the same name. 20140524-162607.jpg



Secondhand Store Score: Fairy Tale Castle Floor Puzzle

Secondhand Store Score


Retail Value: $12.99
SSS Cost: $1.49
Quality: 9/10 used but I’m great condition
Uses: Break time choice. Kids love floor puzzles.


Retail Value: $12.99
SSS Cost: $1.49
Quality: 9/10 used but I’m great condition
Uses: Break time choice

DIY: Otter Pop Box Figurine Home



My husband and I rented a boring Red Box movie this weekend, so my crafting side took over. I may have made this little cozy home out of weekend boredom, but it turned out pretty cool. Plus, it’s almost summer, which in my house is called Otter Pop season, the only time we can justifiably pop the pops like no ones business. The box is good sized and sturdy, just calling to be used in the classroom.


1 Empty Otter Box (which means you will have to do something with those pesky pops…like eat them 🙂 )

*Make sure to only open the box half on the top for this use, but if you have it all the way open, it’s still good as a container of sorts.

Contact paper or colored paper of your choice

White paper to draw windows, doors, decor

Scissors, tape, glue

Markers (I used Copics)


Cover box with contact paper

Design extras and place them accordingly.

Be creative! You’ll make one hip home for figurines, fidgets, tools, YOU NAME IT!


20140523-233349-84829243.jpg  20140523-233350-84830632.jpg20140523-233351-84831389.jpg  20140523-233352-84832020.jpg