Secondhand Store Score: Scrabble Slam Card Game

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20140520-200901.jpgRetail Value: $6.99

SSS Cost: $0.99

Quality: 8/10 Used but good condition

Uses: Race to build 4 letter words. A little complex for my kids, would be a good middle school game or for kids with a stronger mastery of 4 letter words.


DIY: Kaboom Sticks

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20140519-190210.jpgThere are SO many uses for popsicle sticks. I have been using it for a game I learned from another teacher I work with called Kaboom. I wrote the 220 Dolch sight words on the sticks, grouped by level (pre-primer, primer, K, 1, 2, 3) Add at least 10 or so Kaboom sticks into the mix. Students choose the sticks from the opposite end the word is written on (so they cannot see the words) and must read the word to collect it. If they can’t read it, they must return to the container. If they pick a Kaboom stick, they have to give up all of their sticks. Kaboom!


Popsicle sticks (many many)



Worth the Splurge: Bananagrams

Learning Games, Worth the Splurge

Retail Value: $11.50 Amazon
Uses: This is such a fun game. I play it all the time. The solo version is really fun (that makes me sound super hip) It’s like the best part of scrabble without the board and rules. Boo to rules.

Learning Games adaption
Sight Words Bananagrams: Place a copy of several sight words (maybe not the 220 at first, ease into that) Have students create those words.
Vocab Bananagrams: Like above, but with your weekly vocab words.
Practice word family exercises.
Word endings

Be creative! Come up with whatever works for you.